Hire me to be your unicorn (before someone else does)

The companies that call me always have the same problem: they need a unicorn.

They need someone who is technically proficient, but has people skills.

They need someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, but who can work in a team.

They need someone who has been there, done that, designed the T-shirt.

That person is me.


Within one year of my business Entitled Cat Boston launching, I snagged a boatload of loyal clients, numerous rave Yelp reviews, and an interview in Improper Bostonian. Under my direction, my arts nonprofit Torrent Engine 18 raised over $23K in donations for our Kickstarter (the average Kickstarter receives $6K). For all of my businesses, I do my own publicity/marketing, client relations, and database management.

When Tor Project (research-education nonprofit focused on internet freedom and security) needed an Executive Administrator, they needed someone who could learn technical programs quickly, but could also communicate well with developers. They needed someone who could do the routine tasks that needed to be attended to, but also be able to switch focus when a (figurative) storm rolled in.

When Tor Project showed the Executive Administrator job description to a trusted adviser, she said flatly, “You are nuts if you think you can find someone to be all of this and do all of this.”

Not only was I able to fulfill these expectations, I was able to exceed them by pitching in with their successful crowdsourcing campaign, which brought in over $205K in donations. I brought in celebrity boosters, corresponded with donors, fixed the payment system glitches, and (most proudly) suggested they use “This is What a Tor Supporter Looks Like” as the campaign slogan (a nod to This is What a Feminist Looks Like).


Tor Project is now moving operations to Seattle, and this unicorn is seeking greener pastures. I am seeking tech/communications companies that have a commitment to nurturing their employees: training, mentoring, promoting. The precise job description matters less than a positive, challenging work environment with room for advancement. Let me fill the cracks you didn’t even notice you had.

If you think I have what you’re looking for, contact me via LinkedIn.