“My Internship with Alex Jones” up now on The Satirist

“OK, I’ll tell you what I remember:

“I started interning for Alex Jones’ InfoWars last fall. Don’t judge me—there aren’t a lot of options for media internships in Texas. I needed to get some experience in media but still be able to live with my parents to save money—they live in Bluff Springs, just outside Austin. I don’t believe in the majority of stuff InfoWars cranks out—95% of it is just a goof, you know? Alex Jones had been local color ever since I could remember, showing up at state fairs with his bullhorn, yelling about Project HAARP manipulating the weather or fluoride making people stupid or whatever. He never bothered me. To me, Alex Jones has always been like your off-the-wall uncle ranting about the government at Thanksgiving dinner, and then going outside afterwards to show the kids how to use his old hunting rifle to pick off soda cans on the fence. Wacky but harmless…”

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