“Christmas Wrath: A Gritty Hallmark Holiday Movie Reboot” now on The Haven

“A Light in the Darkness” by Liz West is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“The Big Apple. Christmas Eve. Dirty snow. Yuppies walk the streets, pointing and laughing at homeless people. Rats are eating a Bloomingdale’s holiday display. Random man on a street corner is
shooting a handgun into the air while laughing/screaming — no-one reacts.

COOKIE, a high-powered career woman, JOSEPH, her coworker/gay best friend, and their BOSS are working on Christmas Eve because godlessness.

COOKIE: Ugh, I hate Christmas. Also I haven’t gotten laid in weeks because I’m a feminist.

BOSS: Cookie, you are fired for being too good at your job. I’m going to visit a prostitute now. (leaves)

JOSEPH: Too bad about being fired, Cookie. At least now you have time to visit your folks!

COOKIE: (checking email) Oh shit, my parents just died in an unfortunate
reindeer farm accident and left me their Christmas-themed B&B.

JOSEPH: Girl, let’s go to New England and get us some country dick!”

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