“In Between Saturday Morning Cartoons” up now on All Worlds Wayfarer’s Issue IV: Vernal Equinox

“Do you remember waking up before your parents to watch Saturday morning cartoons on the good TV in the living room? One time you woke up too early and some boring, cheap kids show from 10 years ago was on. That’s when you took a break and went to your room.

“But instead of taking a nap, you went into your closet to look for something. Feeling around in the dark, you found the back of your closet was open space. Peering through your hanging clothes, you saw a large, darkened room. A bunch of children you had never seen before were sitting around a circular table, all quietly coloring. Despite the strangeness of finding this inside your closet, you felt inexplicably drawn into the large room…”

Read the rest at All Worlds Wayfarer: Issue 4.